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Las Flores

Affordable Housing

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The project is a 73 unit 100% deed restricted family housing project located on an unusual site for Santa Monica, 4 contiguous parcels providing 200’-0” of street frontage in a neighborhood composed primarily of 1 and 2 story commercial buildings on 14th Street and 2 story apartment buildings across the alley.  The project provides 14 3-bedroom units, 14 2-bedroom units and 27 1-bedroom units as well as providing 3,600 sf of ground floor maintenance offices and stock room for CCSM to service their multitude of apartment buildings in Santa Monica.  As with all CCSM buildings, sustainability is of major importance with a minimum goal of LEED Platinum.

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Updated 2020-01-23 Las Flores floorplans
Ground - Sheet - A08 - SECOND FLOORcolor
Updated 2020-01-23 Las Flores floorplans
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Site Visit 11.28.2022

Low Res_8329.jpg

Site Visit 11.28.2022






4th floor framing almost done 3.21.2022

Finished fourth floor framing. 3.1.2022


Amazing view! 3.1.2022


We are making good progress on Las Flores. 5.25.2021

Las Flores 7.30.21.jpg

Time lapse photo of construction for the week of 4.5.2021

Las Flores 3-30-21.jpg

Construction has started on Las Flores! You can see our other CCSM project Greenway Meadows in the back ground. 

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