Mixed Use, Urban Infill

Lankershim + Otsego is a transit oriented mixed use development with 297 apartments and 27,000 sf of ground floor retail located in the NoHo Arts District in North Hollywood. The site is unique as Lankershim Blvd. bisects Otsego Avenue at an almost 60 degree angle and the Lankershim portion is connected by a narrow hinge to a linear parcel that fronts on Klump Avenue.

The design solution was to link the site with a subterranean parking garage and provide 2 freestanding 7 story buildings above the podium, 99 units on Klump Avenue and 198 units on Lankershim Blvd.. The unique corner of Lankershim and Otsego is highlighted by interwoven stacked floors above the ground floor retail. The façade is clad in corrugated aluminum with each floor shifting from horizontal to vertical to further emphasize the separate levels, while brightly colored horizontal and vertical frames connect the floors and break up the linearity. The upper floor contains a pool deck and recreational uses. The corner is flanked by 2 taller multicolored sections which reflect the Arts District while the metal cladding pays homage to the industrial warehouse history of the district.

December 2018 Aerial Views of Construction

November 2019 Aerial Views of Construction

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