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Highland Park Transit Village is a proposed project that will bring 80 units of affordable family housing to the historic Highland Park neighborhood of LA. HPTV consists of three sites comprised of 20 townhouse-style condominiums across five buildings over two floors of subterranean parking, 50 affordable multi-family apartment units across four buildings over one level subterranean parking, and 10 affordable apartment units across two buildings over one level subterranean parking. Underground parking will service both residents and the public using the adjacent Metro Gold Line Station. Each site will function as a single block containing buildings, courtyards and walkways all designed to be harmonious not only with each other, but also with the existing neighborhood surroundings. The buildings have breaks between them to more closely resemble single-family homes – important in reducing massing and scale. Because it falls in the Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, the Craftsman-style design of the sites respects the character of nearby buildings in terms of height, scale, and architectural material.

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