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Lexington Gardens

Affordable Housing

2022-04-05_Main_Corner_Tree Reduced.jpg

The programatic goals for 1201 N. Detroit Street were to provide 48 Affordable housing units while intergrating the proposed project onto a corner lot within an exsisting neighborhood context of 2 and 3 story buildings. Because the site was a city owned community Garden untill 2017, it was determined that the corner parcel be designed to serve as as a publicly accessiable open space, providing a community benefit, and reducing the perceived massing fronting both Detroit Street and Lexington Avenue.

Diagram 1 Angled Views.jpg
Diagram 2.jpg
2022-04-05_Lexington_Elev_Render_Tree reduced.jpg
2022-04-05_Detroit_Perspective_Tree Reduced.jpg
Ground Floor.jpg
2nd Floor.jpg
3rd Floor.jpg
Fourth floor.jpg
Fifth Floor.jpg
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