Urban Infill

16819 Normandie Avenue is a 64 unit Single Room Occupancy (SRO) project consisting of 46 – 350 sf flats and 18 – 350 sf townhouses located in an industrial zone within the city of Gardena that abuts a residential zone. 


The project is separated into 2 distinct segments with 31 flats, stacked in a 3 story, 35’-0” high configuration set back 12’-0” along Normandie Avenue and 10’-0” along 169th Street providing ground floor patios and a landscape buffer along the street.  Since Normandie is a commercial street, the elevation is a simple white plane with angled openings for the units painted a burnt orange color to reinforce the shadow profile, with openings alternating from floor to floor, creating a sculptural pattern along the street.


The corner of 169th Street and Brighton Avenue is anchored by 15 ground floor 350 sf flats with 18 – 2 story 350 sf townhouses at the 2nd floor.  Although this section is 3 stories and 34’-0” tall, it respects the adjoining residential neighborhood with the ground floor units set 12’-0’’ back along Brighton Avenue and 10’-0” along 169th Street to provide patios, and the townhouses set back an additional 8’-4” at the 2nd floor, stepping the building away from the single family houses across the street.  The goal has been to reduce the scale of the building along Brighton Avenue out of respect to the residential neighborhood across the street.


The 2 zones are separated approximately mid block along 169th Street by an entry driveway adjacent to the main entrance and leasing office.  In order to reduce the parking footprint the project is proposing a 5 tier, 45’-0” tall freestanding automated parking structure with 64 cars.  An additional 2 disabled access cars are provided on grade.  The automated structure is set a minimum of 116’-0” from the property line along Brighton Avenue and will not be visible to any of the single family residences.  The parking structure will be a steel structure and we feel is an appropriate design given the industrial zoning of the property. 


The goals of the project have been to provide high density creative and affordable workforce housing for the city of Gardena, reduce construction costs through the use of prefab, panelized construction and automated parking, and provide a pedestrian oriented urban transition from the commercial and industrial zone along Normandie to the residential zone west of Brighton Avenue.

South Elevation II

South Elevation I

West Elevation

East Elevation

View from Normandie Avenue

View from 169th Street

Site Plan

5-6-2021 Normandie.jpeg

Framing ongoing 5/6/2021

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