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Urban Infill

13919 Normandie Avenue is a 20 unit Single Room Occupancy (SRO) project consisting of 20 – 350 sf flats, stacked in a 3 story, 35’-0” high configuration set back 10’-0” along Normandie Avenue and 139th Street, providing ground floor patios and a landscape buffer along the street.  The lot is 15,350.5 sf and is zoned industrial and the 2 main elevations  are simple white planes with angled openings for the units painted a contrasting color to reinforce the shadow profile, with openings alternating from floor to floor, creating a sculptural pattern along Normandie Avenue and 139th Street.


The entry driveway leading to a surface parking lot has been located to the west off 139th Street.  This allows the building to be set back more than 45’-0” from the single family residence to the west and reinforces the urban context along Normandie..


The goals of the project have been to develop high density, affordable workforce housing, while reducing construction costs through prefab construction, and provide a pedestrian oriented urban transition from the commercial and industrial zone along Normandie to the residential buildings to the west along 139th Street.

East Elevation

North Elevation

Site Plan

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